A theatre stage in the virtual reality

The Elektrotheater is a theatre stage in the virtual reality. It’a a vast, immersive world that audience can experience and meet in – in realtime.

The Staatstheater Augsburg raised the question on how to build a theatre stage in the virtual reality. Teamed up with Christian Schläffer, we hosted several workshops to try and find an answer. It was most important to us not to simply copy the physical room but rather take all the properties of a virtual environment into account.

The result is a platform that digitally translates theatrical mechanisms. On this stage, we can design immersive and participative evenings – live and without physical restrictions.


Staatstheater Augsburg


Christian Schläffer

  • Concept
  • IT infrastructure
  • Interaction design
  • Software development
  • VR headsets
  • Unity 3D
  • Realtime networking

Four teams from different artistic backgrounds – from puppetry to immersive game theatre – were invited to explore the kinds of stories we could tell in our platform, what images we could create to dive into the world of social VR experiences.

Forum for Theatre & Digital Transformation

At the 1st Forum for Theatre & Digital Transformation in Augsburg, Germany, we could present an interim result.

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