Tomorrowland Stage

Kinetic Stage at the Shanghai Disney Resort

In the Shanghai Disney Resort, we have enhanced a show stage with a multimedia installation.

Nine panels, 7 m tall, can travel along half-circle rails in the back of the stage. The four panels in front row feature a full sized LED video wall. The other five are equipped with lighting technology so they can be lit in custom colours.

With this variable approach the stage can now easily adapt to any sort of show, create new entrances and change backgrounds.

A little dance begins between form, pictures, colours and actors on stage.





  • Media concept
  • Media planning
  • Project management
  • Software development
When I learned that I get to control kinetik motion along with my graphics, I got really excited. That’s unique.

Streamlined workflow

Much care was put into the content creation process. A custom plugin for Adobe After Effects makes it very easy for any motion designer to create video content, lighting design and kinetic motion control — all from within one central tool. What you see is what you get.

This unique workflow empowers creatives to make clever use of stage kinetics that are in perfect sync with on-screen content.