We work in the areas of exhibitions, trade fair, events and brand space. We misuse technology to convey content emotionally.

We cooperate with museums, architects and agencies to create multimedia exhibits. While doing so, we can offer these srevices as required:


During the concept phase our dual background in design an technology really shows.

Having a sound knowledge of techincal possibilities we are able to freely and confidently work out creative ideas.


Careful planning saves time, money and sleep.

Before implementation, we write budget estimations and schedules, plan technology and interfaces.


3D visualization has become essential.

It helps in decision-making, planning, public relations and project communication.

Design / Software

During production our building blocks helps a lot to implement ideas quickly and safely. Now we let go the nerds in us.

Design and software go hand in hand. This way we can optimize interface concepts iteratively.


We build custom solutions in our workshop.

We can source hardware for you but we happily leave you with purchasing, too.


We know the usual points of contact to your IT department and utilities management.

Commissioning of a turnkey solution includes technical documentation, parts lists, maintenance procedures and interface descriptions.

Challenge us!

Show us your project, preferably a difficult one.
We will show you a solution to design it more exciting, minimize risks or reduce costs.