KUKA Smart Production Center

Nicht-lineare Medien-Pr├Ąsentation

As a pioneer of Industry 4.0, KUKA is an innovation leader in the construction of intelligent production lines. That is why they have developed a pilot system to demonstrate the principles of a standardised production cell for the automotive industry. Our task was to develop a multimedia system that shows detailed images from the cell that would otherwise remain hidden.

For this purpose, we developed a display frame that floats above the visitor platform so that the view of the plant remained undisturbed, but explanatory content could be shown in context. Live video streams were overlaid with graphics, animation and multilingual text in real time.

Another challenge was the non-linear nature of the production facility. In order to be able to follow the production process in terms of content, the multimedia show was completely remote-controlled by the KUKA automation system.





  • Media Concept
  • Media Planning
  • Software Development
  • Tooloop Media Server
  • Live Video Streaming